​​​​To Turn Mirrors into Windows

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Fourth Year

Second Year

Third year is the most crucial period in your graduation. Taking right decisions in this year itself is the first step of success in achieving a prosperous career. In this competitive world being just a graduate may not land you in your dream job. Now-a-days getting a PG degree gives you an edge over a lot many competitors. That is why we here in unosen offer you following courses which help you to crack PG entrance exams (both India and abroad) in either engineering or business administration.

Enhancement Program

The Enhancement Program is a collaborative effort assisting all students in developing the experiences and skills necessary for academic success. The Enhancement program is designed to promote academic excellence through enhancement and supportive services for students at all levels of academic performance

First Year

 For first year students, the enhancement program initiates with the life skills and also provides an opportunity to learn a foreign language.

In second year this enhancement program offers you training on a core programming language which you have chosen to assist you in an honest self-reflection exercise about your academic performance from last semester.

Third Year