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4. Placements

​​The most important conclusion from this study was that students who go on placement recognize the vital role that placements play in enhancing their career progression and employability prospects. This importance is also recognized and supported by most academics and employers, although not all academics may necessarily be aware of the support needed to ensure a successful placement experience for students.
Through our program aspirants who acquired a satisfactory score are eligible for placements drives conducted by unosen in association with programs like Hackathons and Job fairs.

1. Pre Assessment test

Knowledge of present status of a aspirants is determined by the pre assessment test. Pre assessment test comprises the questions categorized under the following sections.​
Core subject

In this test, aptitude comprises of 25% of the questions another 25% from English and the remaining 50% from the core subject. This test is to aide in the selection process, long-term retention, better job fit and determining the training needs of individuals in work groups.

Corporate Development Program

The main objective of Corporate Development Program is to help students get the right job by providing them a platform to get placed. This program is designed to train and develop students in a variety of disciplines as per the requirements making the transition from academic to a corporate environment smooth .It is a four stage program which begins with a pre-assessment test, after qualifying the test with the required score, a three month training is given with respect to the discipline and choice of aspirant.Once the training is completed  there will be post assessment test to determine their capabilities and guide them accordingly to attend the placements.

3. Post assessment test

A post assessment test embedded into this program,often used in conjunction with a pretest to measure their achievement and the effectiveness of the program.
Post assessment test comprises the questions categorized under the following sections.
Core subject

In this test, aptitude comprises of 20% of the questions another 20% from English and the remaining 60% from the core subject.Students clearing this test will be considered for placement drives through this program.

2. Training & Duration

Aspirants who qualified in the pre assessment test are eligible for training. Aspirant can choose courses which are offered in the training program.


The duration of this training program will be 3 to 4 months. The training comprises of 4 hours training modules and 4 hours lab work.

Purpose of training

This training helps you to gain knowledge,improve your skill and thus gives an edge over your competitors.
Training and development programs greatly help aspirants to get accustomed to new methods of working, new technology, the work culture etc.Plans made by companies expect people to achieve certain targets within certain time limit with certain quality, for this employee performance has to be accurate and perfect. CDM helps in achieving accuracy and perfection.