​​​​To Turn Mirrors into Windows



Years of experience: 15
Position: President & CEO

Mr. Pierce established PRITHVI DAMERA in to provide business consulting for small businesses.He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have got us this far.

Carl schnable

Years of experience: 11
Position: CFO

Mr. Schnable has an education in business & finance with 11 years experience helping both small business and large industries improve business performance.

What do we do?

In simple words, we bridge the gap between classes and corporate. “Career Path Finder” program is a boon for students who are ready to serve the industry or having their own startup, students who’ve completed their schooling are at a crucial stage to choose their careers and for the most important kind of students, who still have a question in their minds which bothers almost everyone of us, at every stage of life, and the question is “what happens next?”

Well, the answer to the question is what we are here for. We’ve seen that career counseling is usually considered at the time of admission to college and then it is not taken seriously for the fact that it always leaves you in the mid of decision-making phase. What we believe that the students should get updates about the industry and about the need of the time, so that students should be able to focus on their career, jobs they want to do, the companies they want to work for and to develop the entrepreneurial skills in each student.

Our mission is to make every college student to find his right “Career Path”. And this can be achieved by augmenting skills other the regular degree. We are just not a counseling firm, we are the solution for your Career path. UnoSen Ed-Lab’s “Career Path Finder” program is one and the only program in the world which provides :- Life Skills, Professional Courses, Placement program, Further Education and Training Studies with guaranteed 100% personalized PathFinder at one stop.


Years of experience: 6
Position: Client Relations

Before joining PRITHVI DAMERA, Caroline worked for several international companies in Europe. She brings a wealth of experience to the client relations team.

“Alliance delivered everything they promised. Our customer satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!”




​​To be a leading provider of excellent medical, engineering, and management students life path choosing education firm.​


Years of experience: 2
Position: Client Relations

Bradley  started with us as junior consultant, went on to become full consultant, and has since grown into the manager of a successful client services team.